Pa' lante!

So here we go!! We are taking off with crazy idea that it is now becoming a reality. Many months of research, driving, investing, and hard work. We are finally ready to start providing our line of Aji Cachucha green and red powders.

Aji cachucha is a staple in Cuban cuisine and i have always seen my mom and grandma cook with it. I know its unique smell and taste, and the difference it makes when you add it to your dishes.

A big problem is always having some in hand, they are hard to find outside of Cuba and South Florida. It never occurred to me how difficult it would be to buy some until i moved to central Florida, and even more of a realization when my facebook group (Easy Cooking Cuban) virtual family started expressing their needs for this amazing little pepper.

Sooooo, this was a bathroom idea, lol. It came to me while washing my hands and looking in the mirror. I ran it through my husband first and then my mom followed by my dad and grandmother. They all thought it was a great idea and very innovative, we all agreed it was something that there"s a need for, and here we are!

I hope you guys appreciate the had work and love that has been put into each and every bottle.

From here we are not looking back, this is new adventure and we invite you along. :)

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